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Our Best Service

Dedicated installation engineers

Curve Buzz Bar

Dedicated after sales teams

Strategically located throughout UAE and GCC

Fast and reliable quality service for the many thousands of cranes and hoists installed in UAE and GCC

The complete professional customer support package

Lubrication of wire rope / hoist

Oil level check

Brake adjustments

Wear report (gears, brakes, wheels, etc.)

Rope inspection for wear and accidental damage

Check for safety equipment (limit switches, hook catches)

Visual inspection of crane and gantry structure

Inspection of cables and long-travel conductors including collectors

Completion of service report sheet(s)


Crane repair work can be undertaken where it suits the customer best and even during unsociable hours. HOG specialist crane engineers are available to attend customer sites for quick and hassle-free rectification work. The availability of parts is supported through our wide network of a localized nationwide network.

HOG customer in the UAE and GCC can expect the following