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We are leading dealer and service provider of material handling equipments including but not limited to EOT, GIV, Gantry Crane, Monorail, Electric Rope, Hoist, Engineering items etc. as per your specifications and drawings. 

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Hoist Overhead Gantry(HOG) based in Dubai offers complete and comprehensive services to our clients who require overhead cranes and hoists from initial consultation through to final commissioning and beyond.

We are leading dealer and service provider of Material Handling equipment’s including but not limited to EOT, JIB, Gantry Crane, Monorail, Electric Rope, Hoist, Engineering items etc., as per your specifications & Drawings. Our products afford maximum safety, reliability & suitability virtually in all branches of industry application. We can supply cranes kits up to 30Ton capacity. Higher capacity cranes are also available through our close cooperation with other reputed European crane manufactures. And all spares of cranes ranging from electrical to mechanical items. Prompt after sale services and crane repairing are key advantages by dealing with us.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Have your future envisions hoisted by us for a better development.


Ensuring the safety of employees, customers, and the public is often the top priority for crane rental companies.


Providing reliable and well-maintained cranes and equipment is crucial to meeting customer expectations.

Customer Focus

Understanding and meeting the needs of customers is essential for success in the crane rental business.

Quality Service

Striving for excellence in service is important for building a positive reputation and fostering customer loyalty.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Promoting a culture of teamwork and collaboration among employees helps ensure smooth operations and a positive work environment.

Environmental Responsibility

Many crane rental companies are increasingly focused on minimizing their environmental impact.

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H O G General Trading L.L.C.,

P.O. Box 80945,

Dubai – UAE

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